You know how we learn about things in our history and ask ourselves “how could people have let that happen” or “How could people be conditioned to be so evil” ?

Well, I hope that you know that if you’re trying to justify Israel’s actions or if you believe that you are doing anyone a favor by being “nuanced”, you are one of the people our grandchildren will be ashamed of. You will be complicit in one of the most shameful displays of injustice our grandchildren will hear of. 



I hate people who look down on third world protesters for burning flags or whatever saying it’s “barbaric” because you know what, no it’s not. Killing innocent people is barbaric, stealing land is barbaric, throwing children in jail is barbaric, demolishing a family’s home is barbaric—expressing your anger at all that injustice is anything but

Burn all the fucking flags of every settler colonial state that exists. Never sanitize your anger, never make it pretty or safe for the oppressors.




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