Stability is a Ruse


That the only reason for a ‘no’ vote on the referendum for Scotland’s independence from the UK is that “the economy will suffer” is, I think, evidence enough that all working people should vote ‘yes’.

Will independence initially be complicated and difficult? Likely. When the ruling classes are threatening people with “economic difficulties”, we should respond with “What are you willing to do for employees to keep the status quo?” The answer will be, as we all know, they are not willing to do anything for the employed classes.

The working poor already suffer hardship. They will vote ‘yes’ and continue to struggle. Voting ‘no’ seems to me to be much more a vote for fading empire, neoliberal capitalism, monarchy, and the unjustified faith in that culture than it is a vote for anything positive. A ‘yes’ vote is a positive move. It’s a move towards the local. It’s a move against a kind of capitalism that feeds an utterly parasitic ruling class. It’s a move away from empire.

(The positivity in a vote for independence has its limits as it’s based in a kind of nationalism that comes with its own problems and is still very much capitalist, to be sure; however, it’s much more than a disorderly and childish grunt, which is how the British media is trying to frame it. When you have to focus on Orange marches in Edinburgh as a sign of rationality and pragmatism, you can’t be taken seriously.)